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Here at Pet Dog Portraits, we love drawing pets and animals of all kinds. To us, there is nothing more special than to give the present of a family’s portrait to last memories. We use photographs of your pet to capture their true expressions and personality as well as produce character portraits.


To start off, the first step when commissioning a portrait is to decide on the photo you want of your pet. If possible, we encourage you to take any many photos of your pet to prepare for the portrait. This will give as a better depiction of your loved one.

If your pet has sadly passed on, we can help you work out which photos you have to help choose for the portrait. We can alter the image to meet your background needs.


Once the mockup of your portrait is released, we must agree upon the size of the portrait. The price of our portraits may vary per size, material, and details. However, we do require a deposit to ensure the need of the client. Once the payment has been released, we will start the process of your pet portrait.


Once we begin the process, we will send updates as desired. For oil paintings, there are mores stages to expect than by pen. Once we have completed your artwork, we will send an email to you with the final scan to see if there if anything the client dislikes or require any changes.

The final scan will then be added to our website. However, if the artwork is meant as a surprise, please let us know so that we can publish the image at a later date as specified.

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