6 Photography Tips You Should Know Before Having Your Pet’s Portrait

6 Photography Tips You Should Know Before Having Your Pet’s Portrait

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For many families and individuals, pets are a huge part of their lives. In fact, pets are also treated as an important member of the family. That is why many people choose to photograph their pets and include them in photos whenever possible.

Here are 6 photography tips you should know before having your pet’s portrait.

Keep Safety in Mind

No matter how sensitive your pet may be, all pets have the capability to scratch or bite. When photographing a pet for the first tie, be sure to spend time warming up to each other. Allow the animal to sniff around and relax before you get started. Offer treats and refrains from making loud noises or sudden movements.

Capture the Best Friend Moments

Dogs play a strong part in human lives. One of the most treasured photographs is often dogs who interact with family members in a personal way. Consider those moments and be ready to capture them. Allow the lighting and setting to capture the emotion.

Surprise Them

One of the trickiest parts of taking a portrait is getting them to hold still. Allow them to play quietly then let someone call for him. This will surprise him and capture his attention.

Make the Right Schedule

If you are planning a formal pet portrait, schedule your session when the animal has just woken up or somewhat sleepy. This is ideal as it will keep him still without jumping around. However, if you want a dynamic shot, feel free to choose a time when your pet is hyper and energetic.

Learn Patience

Taking photos of pets require a lot of time and patience. No matter how behaved they might be, use your patience to let them relax and give you the perfect opportunity to have a decent shot.

Take Advantage of Experimentation

Allow enough time to enjoy the session and try difference approaches, compositions, and angles. Take more shots and worry about the results later. It’s better to have too many great photos than just a solid few.

Got any tips that you would like to share with us? Comment below and let us know!


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